Youth Ministry

Plan and implement activities to promote the spiritual development, offer fellowship & recreational opportunities and to generally prepare the youth to live victorious lives in Christ.

1. Encourage youth to engage in regular Bible study
2. Teach youth effective witnessing skills and to be bold in Christ
3. Teach the youth effective life skills and to be responsible citizens.
4. Encourage the youth to be loving and compassionate toward others.

1. Offer opportunities for recreational activities such as bowling, skating, movies, picnics,
kite day, theme parks
2. Engage in fund-raising activities such as car washes and bake sales
3. Engage in community improvement activities and visit nursing homes.
4. Sponsor the Black Heritage Program

Youth Minister: Minister Debra Sampson

Director:  Sister Retha Hammond
Assistant: Vacant
Members: All children and teenagers of the church. (The youth will elect officers and assist with planning activities.)